Lina Medina - The Youngest Known Mother In the World

Lina Medina

Born On: September 27, 1933

Age: 77

From: Ticrapo, Peru

Lina Medina, Born in Ticrapo, Peru, at the age of 5 gave birth to a boy a caesarean section necessitated by her small pelvis.

lina medina\medina lina

She was taken to hospital by her parents thinking that their 5 year old daughter had huge abdominal tumor after the shamans of their village couldn’t find a cure, medina's father carried her to the hospital. When they reach the hospital, her doctor determined she was in her seven month pregnancy and later one and half month later she gave birth to a boy.

She had prominent breast developed by the age of four and by the age of five she displayed pelvic widening and advanced bone maturation. When doctor performed the operation to deliver the baby they found that she already had fully mature sexual organ. Lina Medina's son weighed 2.7 kg at the time of birth and he was named Gerardo after her doctor. However till the age of 10 her son believed that his mother was actually his sister. He grew up normally but unfortunately died at the age of 40 due to bone marrow disease.

lina medina\medina lina

But the question and curiosity was there that who was actually the father of line medina's son however medina never revealed the identity of her father or maybe she was too young to remember any of those things. Medina’s dad was arrested on the suspicious charge of rape and incest but later was released due to lack of enough evidence.

lina medina\medina lina

Lina Medina later married Raul jurado and couple together had their second son in 1972.


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  1. *jaw drops* wooowww....

  2. this story is craz....cant believe this actually happened:(

  3. my heart goes out to this girl.
    sucks the father was never known the bastard should have been jailed

  4. This is a very unfortunate thing to happen to a girl this age, it is a child having a child and that is just completely wrong. This world is completely messed up and needs serious help.

  5. The father should of been sent to prison because it is sort of like child abuse if it was the father who was the dad of the baby and anyway who the hell could have a baby at 5 except from her because that is just like.... *jaw drops*

  6. I don't know what's sadder:

    Lina being pregnant, her being a child-mother,
    or the Peruvian government making promises they
    would never keep in giving her any financial
    assistance back in 1939.


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