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The very sour puss who has thousands of fans despite being 'the world's angriest cat'

He has won tens of thousands of admirers – but just how many of them would be brave enough to try to stroke him is anyone’s guess.This is Colonel Meow, the furious-looking feline whose sourpuss expression has made him an internet sensation. Despite a rather fluffy coat, the black smoke Persian cat appears anything but cuddly thanks to his evil stare and a face that seems to be fixed in a permanent frown. 

Fans have nicknamed him the ‘world’s angriest cat’ and have compared his hostile demeanour to that of an  evil dictator. But while even the most ardent cat lover might be reluctant to get too close to Colonel Meow in real life, his Facebook page has attracted more than 32,000  ‘likes’ from around the world.

Photographs uploaded to the page by his owner Anne Marie Avey carry tongue-in-cheek captions on Colonel Meow’s behalf, such as: ‘Behold, minions! I have learned to touch my nose with my tongue. Now honour my  great achievement . . .  with treaties and scotch.’ 
Another reads: ‘I WANT to plan my world domination . . . but I also wanna get drunk and eat treaties.’ 

Like many dictators, Colonel Meow had a troubled upbringing – the profile discloses that he was found by the roadside after being abandoned in Seattle, Washington. But his softer side is also revealed in a brief biography where he admits that he has a fear of birds which might hamper his ambitions to conquer the world. Miss Avey, who adopted Colonel Meow from an animal shelter, now hopes to take him to Los Angeles and make him a star.And perhaps world domination isn’t too far away, as Facebook users have posted dozens of  pictures of themselves pulling  sour expressions in tribute to the grumpy pet.
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