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15 months old Baby Girl orphaned by tornado dies on Monday

'Angel's reunited with her family': Grandfather's tears for tragic orphaned toddler who was blown 300 yards into a field, as she dies of her injuries

Toddler found alone in the field died on Monday while the rest of her other four family already were killed in devastating tornado on Friday.

15 month old Angel Babcock of new pekin, Ind was taken off life support after doctor declared that there was no hope of her survival. She was still opening her eyes at Kosair children Hospital in Louisville Friday night where doctors were in hope that she will survive.However, things didn’t went well on Saturday as the swelling on her brain didn’t showed any sign of improvement and her health continue to deteriorate as the day passed on, Further, Her brain didn’t showed any activity.As, there was no sign of her survival, the extended family members opted to end life support and 15 month old child died thereafter.

"Angel has been reunited with her parents," her grandfather, Jack Brough, said in a statement. "We want to thank God for all of you and for your thoughts and prayers. God will bring you and all of us out of this. This is what it will take. All should look to God."After the demise of this baby girl, the total death toll across the five states reached to 39.

At Peace:15 Month old Angel Babcock suffered severe brain injury and died after she was taken off from life support today at Kosair Hospital,Louisville,Kentucky.

Tragic Loss : Angel Babcock's Sister Kendalla Did not survive

Angel Babcock's Parents Joseph Babcock and Moriah Brough who died on Friday Tornado.

Angel's Older Brother Jayden

A heart full Condolence to Angel Babcock who died on Monday after she failed to show sign of survival

15 Months old Angel Babcock Dies in hospital after being thrown 300 yards by tornado


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Indiana And Kentucky Tornadoes 2012

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Indiana And Kentucky Tornadoes 2012

Let me start out by saying words cannot do any justice to the severe weather outbreak that hit Kentucky which left uncompensating damage and destruction of lives and property. After the most powerful violent storm hit the Indiana and Kentucky leaving the ground full of debris where once stood homes, cars flung into buildings and communications disrupted.

According to BBC NEWS officials, at least 28 people have been killed in the US states of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio."We are no match for Mother Nature at her worst”, said Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. So far the number of death, missing and injured has been reportedly coming and there is fear that the death toll may rise as the rescue team and officials explores further.
An official from Clark County sheriff's department described the nearby town of Marysville, Indiana - located close to Henryville - as "completely gone".

Toddler Found Alive but In Extremely Critical Condition

In Salem, Indiana, a toddler was found alone in a field near her home where she was identified after taking her to children's hospital. According to Indiana Sheriff Claude Combs, all the four member of her family is dead including a 2-month-old sister and 3-year old brother. However the toddler is said to be in extremely critical condition with lot of injuries on her head.Further, Doctor have said that next 24-48 hours are very critical.

Church in Kentucky Collapsed

The Rev.Kenneth Jett of the West Liberty United Methodist Church was collapsed. At the time of Storm Four People were inside church including Pastor and his wife and two other congregants and neigbour.Worst Storm to hit Kentucky in almost 25 years. The storms were the worst to hit the eastern part of Kentucky in almost twenty five years. The EF scale, which goes from 0 to 5, rates tornadoes based on wind speed. An EF3 storm has speeds of 136 mph to 165 mph.
An EF2 measures 111 mph to 135 mph. An EF2 or higher is considered a significant tornado.  EF3 tornados hit Magoffin, Menifee and Morgan counties, east of Lexington, and an EF2 tornado hit LaFe3urel County, in southeastern Kentucky, the National Weather Service said.

Obama to provide Assistance

According to statement from white house, president Barrack Obama told governors and beshear of Indiana and Ohio that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is willing to provide assistance.
State officials said there were five fatalities in Laurel County, three in Kenton County, two in Johnson County, two in Menifee County, two in Lawrence County, and four in Morgan County, for a total of 18 statewide.


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