Ghost pics

Out of the darkness a ghost appears

Husband,wife and visitor

All right, you explain what that is over the baby seat. I cannot make it out. Miniature storm cloud? Horrible udder-shaped balloon? (Probably some processing glitch.)

Most mysterious.

(Of course I bought this for the ghost.)

(From a now-closed antique store in Campbell, CA. (The building now houses an X-rated video store.))
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Image of jesus seen on the iron

Image of Jesus is seen in the middle of iron at the homes of Mary jo coady.She noticed the image of Jesus on sunday and believed that her life is going to be good after this.

image of jesus on the iron
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Real or Hoax?????

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spirit returned to listen to the couple playing guitar

This paranormal photo was taken by a woman and her boyfriend who found a guitar in the old house they just moved into. They thought they were just taking some fun pictures, but when the photos were developed, the woman noticed a strange paranormal apparition in the chair beside her.

They later discovered that an old man had taken his own life in that very house. One of the strangest things about it was that the man had been a guitar player when he was alive. Could his spirit have returned to listen to the couple playing guitar?
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