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8 Years old and 20 Cigarette Per Day

Aldi IIham from Sukabumi,Indonesia became the latest underage smoker to get international coverage. Just
Eight Years old and he smokes 20 cigarettes a day. He has been smoking since he was four years old. This
is just an example among the one third of Indonesian children who smoke before they reach the age of 10.
Now this young smoker is receiving help in order to get out from this addiction but the health of this young boy has already been seriously affected by regular smoking.

Recently, series of photos were published where 2 years old Ardi Rizal was seen smoking. His 40 smoke a day habit has made such a serious problem in his health that he now struggled to move by himself. In Indonesia it's not illegal for any child to buy and smoke.

Aldi IIham from Sukabumi,Indonesia  has been smoking since he was 4 years old.He usually smokes 20 cigarettes per day.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has committed $220 million in order to reduce tobacco use in countries with highest number of smokers. The new Commitment will help to allocate $600 million since 2007 to his eponymous charity. 'Tobacco kills every day, so we need to keep the fight moving forward and keep the momentum going,' Bloomberg said in a statement.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg  is committing $220 million towards reducing tobacco in the countries with highest number of tobacco user.

A Young Smoker : A Boy smokes which he asked from the man next to him at sangke grassland in Xiahe,western China's Gansu Province.China is one of the countries where Michael Bloomberg
 has targeted to launch hid anti-tobacco campaign. 

A mother in India smokes with her newly born baby in India.India is also in the list of largest number of tobacco user worldwide.

No Smoking : Quit Smoke , Quit Death.

Aldi IIham from Sukabumi,Indonesia health has already been seriously damaged due to smoking.

Ardi Rizal.a two year old smoker from Indonesia smoked 40 cigarette a day.Even though he quit smoking,he has not been able to walk by himself due to affect from tobacco.

China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Bangladesh are the largest tobacco user in the world. Tobacco alone account for the death of 6 million people worldwide each year according to the report of World Health Organization, Moreover most death are usually reported from Low and Middle Income Countries.
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