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Chinese Women Adopts 1,500 Dogs And 200 Cats In China

Ha Wenjin Sold Her Home, Jewelry, Car And Even Given Up Her Job Just For The Sake Of 1,500 Dogs And 200 Cats.

Ha Wenjin a Resident of China Says in The Beginning she just started with few dogs and that also in her spare time but as the number kept increasing she had to give up her job, spend entire day caring and feeding dogs. After that she started her own personal animal shelter with 10 workers for the dogs and 2 other workers to look after the cat.

Number of Volunteers kept coming at least for a week to see the dogs and people gave food as a donation even till now in Nanjing.

But as we know the dogs and cats are skinned alive and eaten in china so the Chinese government could not see the big heart and the good work she is doing so she had to move 1,500 dogs and 200 cats to a new home as the government reclaimed the shelter and even threatened to close it down permanently.

Ha Wenjin needed to find a new land for the shelter and she established the new home in houyu village. Now The Challenges she face is that she has to find Enough Volunteer to help her to shift the dogs with four buses. In Country like china it’s hard to cope up with such situation and she has no any intention to give up and fight back to save as many as stray dogs and cats she can afford and manage.

In 2006, Life magazine reported that it cost almost $37,500 per year to take care of the dogs and cats but for now with the increasing number of animals and almost double the figure you can Imagine How Much it cost to keep this animals shelter running.

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