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Welcome to Teenagers world of Pornography

Pornography has become one of the most seductive drugs among the teenagers these days. Teenagers who are just barely at their teens are more exposed to sexually explicit content with the rise of free sexually explicit materials on the net these days. More users who watch pornography on net are more vulnerable to depression.
Charlie, 11 year old boy who used to surf sexually explicit sites regularly was the latest victim of darks side of it. Cheerful, friendly a junior school kid who was good at school, popular with his classmate who loved football and also plays for school team was completely changed after he regularly visited porn site. He was moody, depressed, withdrawn. Moreover, he didn’t used to sleep at night, lost his appetite; his eyes looked like hollow. He was completely transformed." I hate myself”, “Charlie is shit" this is what he used to write in his books, newspaper even in his bedroom furniture. He used to draw obscene cartoons with vulgar speech bubbles. After his odd and changed behavior, his mother took him to the doctors but doctor sent him home stating that he is physically well. Regarding Charlie odd behavior His mother thought it was all because of the family issue at home as she and her husband were going through some rough times.
Fortunately, one night his mother caught him red handed watching sexually explicit content on net. As she checked his laptop, it was all full of sexual content where a couple were having sex.11 year old boy like Charlie who has no access to credit card to view porn had been engaged in porn site weeks after weeks which has become reality among most of the teenagers today. Sadly after Charlie’s mom found out that her son has become addicted to porn, she along with her husband console their son that such porn related content was wrong and they love him very much still and would do anything to make him better and normal 11 year old boy again. They took his computer and even Charlie was glad to get rid of it. He began to continue his normal life again and this time without porn. He was given counseling on the NHS.Now,3 years after this Charlie is smiling like he used to and his parents are glad that they were successful in getting their old cheerful boy back.
The above given incident is just a small example of many children who at this time should be focused on books or cartoons are exposed to porn at their early age. With the rise of free porn today on net, more children and teenagers are becoming the victim of pornography.
"Sexting" is another new trend among the youth where teenagers and youth find themselves addicted in sharing their own naked pictures via cell. This new Sexting trend is combination of two mixture; "teenagers" and "technology". According to survey, about twenty % of American youth who are above between thirteen and seventeen years have send their half naked pictures over the phones.
Earlier this month, a fourteen year old boy was arrested after he posted porn movie of himself and his girlfriend in social network. Such incidents are becoming national problems in both developed and developing countries.

Becky Stevens another 15 years old teenager claims to have sex with 40 strangers, ranging from teenagers to married man as old as 40 years. All these men were the one whom Becky found on the net while chatting. She used to visit at least 7 dating site at night where she used to seek sex from strangers. After chatting on net, the couple used to meet outside and have sex. This also indicates that wrong use of internet has become a channel or medium to seek sex partners. 

Becky Steven,a 15 years old was engaged in sex for past 6 months with 40 men that she found on dating site.  
Now, Becky after 6 months of sexual encounter with strangers has confessed of having sex with stranger and she regrets in doing so. After her dark past, Becky wants to give advice to other young girls that never to have sexual encounter with strangers that they find on net. Once you get used to it, it’s very hard to stop, she further claims.
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Woman Sues Ex For Lack Of Sex

A Dubai woman is suing her ex-husband for an usual reason: during their marriage, he didn't have sex with her.
According to the Hindustan Times , the plaintiff says her husband made her quit her job, and took away her jewelry. But he didn't tell her he was impotent. When he hadn't slept with her after four months, she sued him for causing her "mental anguish." She's seeking almost $11 million.
The case is disturbing on its own, and would be especially upsetting if the genders were reversed — the idea that husbands are entitled to sex with their wives is behind a lot of excuses for marital rape. But of course, wives aren't entitled to sex with their husbands either, and the solution to the woman's problem seems to be a divorce (which she's already obtained), not a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. What's next — someone suing a partner for being bad in bed? Really, this case seems like a pretty great argument for premarital sex — or at least for discussing sexual issues before taking the plunge.

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Weird Sex Stories from Around the World

BEIJING, CHINA: After 14 years, the government here has promised to end a ban on allowing HIV-positive travelers into the country. 

TOKYO, JAPAN: The latest sex fetish in the Harajuku neighborhood is called "injured idol." It requires healthy women to wrap bandages around their heads or other body parts to attract men. 

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND: A stunned high-school drama class watched while a stripper performed for a 16-year-old boy's birthday. His mother had ordered the gorilla with balloons to visit the school, but due to a scheduling mishap, the dancer, dressed as a cop, came instead. 

BERLIN, GERMANY: After a 19-year-old woman refused to sleep with him because he was too old, playboy Rolf Eden, 78, decided to sue for ageism. 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A company now offers pole-dancing classes as an exercise tool for girls as young as 7. 

ROME, ITALY: An adult-ed teacher was suspended from school when it was discovered she moonlights as an Internet hard-core porn star. 

SINGAPORE: A man is suing a woman for more than $200,000 for giving him herpes. 

MADRID, SPAIN: Two newspaper cartoonists were fined $4400 each for a cartoon depicting Spain's Crown Prince Felipe and his wife having sex. 

MOMBASA, KENYA: The tourism board and local hotel managers are considering measures to discourage the new sex tourism: older white women picking up younger (but of-age) local men and offering them gifts in exchange for sex. 

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