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Princess Diana Found Alive and In Wheel Chair

According to Rumor Princess Diana survived the car accident and All the Story Of her Car crash and her death was made up by no other than herself. Several Years Ago Grassy Knoll Institute posted a photo Of Princess Diana alive after her Fatal Car accident. Grassy Knoll Institute stated that Diana was not dead and she very much alive and is seated on wheel chair as she is recovering from the wound.

The evidence says that Princess of Wales made-up her own death not only to end her relationship with her husband prince Charles but with the entire royal family. Princess Diana was pregnant at the time of her Car accident and the child was certainly not of Prince Charles.And we also don’t know the father of Child.

Today speculation has it that Princess Diana has made full recovery and is secretive contact with her two children, William and harry. Sources even say that Diana was present at the time prince William and princess Kate Middleton Wedding ceremony. Here is the hint. As William is reciting his vows, he makes a gesture, turning his head or hand to signal his mom Diana that he knows she is present there not as a spirit but physically.

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