Hai Ngoc or Thai Ngoc

Thai Ngoc

Hai Ngoc or Thai Ngoc is a Vietnamese insomniac. Thai Ngoc (Hai Ngoc) claimed that he didn’t sleep for 33 years. When he had a bout of fever in 1973, he was awake for 33 years without any sleep. He is mentally sound and in October of 2006 , Hai Ngoc reported that he was feeling "like a plant without water”. He further added “I don’t know whether the insomnia has impacted my health or not but I am still healthy and can farm normally like others".

His wife added" My husband used to sleep well but these days even liquor cannot put him down".Hai Ngoc(Thai Ngoc) has six children and they live in que trung.Due to insomnia, Thai Ngoc often guards his farm at night and in 3 months of sleepless night he dug two large ponds to raise fish.

Thai Ngoc has also refused to go abroad for testing as he has not left his hometown or village for past 60 years and he says he is afraid of tests.

Hai Ngoc or Thai Ngoc

Hai Ngoc or Thai Ngoc

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