Doktor nakamats\nakamatsu

Yoshiro Nakamatsu(Nakamatsu Yoshiro) born on June 26,1928 is a Japanese inventor who claims that he holds the world record for number of inventions over 3200 patents. However his claim is false on 2 counts and Yoshiro Nakamatsu doesn’t have 3200 patents and even he did he would be the most prolific inventor. According to International Patent Document Database (INPADOC), Nakamatsu Yoshiro has total of 395 patent documents only. Browsing the history, the most prolific inventor in the world is KIA silverbook with total of 8,891 patent documents.

Nakamatsu has also been called as the Thomas Edison of japan.He has appeared on several American television shows such as "late night with David letterman”, “lifestyle of the rich and famous" and on BBC Show called"adam and Joe go Tokyo".

He was also awarded lg Nobel Prize for nutrition for photographing every meal he has consumed for past 34 years and it is still counting and Nakamatsu goal is to live for at least 144 years.

Doktor nakamats\nakamatsu

Doktor nakamats\nakamatsu

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