Adulterous husband stand in the street

A husband was forced to stand in busy street with a sign saying " I cheated this is my Punishment".

William Taylor (Not his real name) stood on busy street of their hometown of centreville, Virginia with a sign after his wife found out that he has been cheating. Taylor said his wife came up with this humiliating punishment after she found out the evidence on his mobile phone that he has been cheating. His wife wanted him to stand with a sign for a week but after a couple of hours he received the call that his punishment was over and could return home.

"I thought she was kidding, but she was serious" - he said

"I figured I got to do what I got to do to make things right so here I am"

According to Taylor his wife found him texting Intimate pictures of himself to another woman on the cell and later he confessed and asked what he has to do to prove his love for her and later she came up with this unusual humiliating idea.Taylor expressed regret for his external marital affair and he was willing to do anything to prove his love and get his wife back.

He started his punishment at 9 am in the morning and later received a call saying that his punishment was over and he could return home.

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