UFOs In Ancient Art

UFOs In Ancient Art

UFOs In Ancient Art

UFOs In Ancient Art

UFO Sighting or Alien Sighting Is Common these days In Internet.So Many Evidence and So Many Hoaxes.

Its Hard to differentiate of which one is Genuine And which one is Hoax.However The UFO Sighting Or Alien Sighting Is not New things.There Is Evidence Of UFO Sighting From Bible To Ancient Art.So Above Are Some Of The Few Pics Of UFOs In Ancient Art.

From Ancient Time To This 21st Century The Alien Mystery Has Not Been Solved.With Numerous Evidences And Reports Of Aliens Or UFO Its Hard To Deny That We are The only One in This Entire Universe Or Galaxy and We are Being Visited Regularly By Some Living Creatures From Outside Our Planet.

So What Do This Ancient Art Tells Us?? Do Alien Really Visited Us From The Beginning Of Planet Earth and how did the alien painting ends up in the Mother Mary paintings.Does anyone has answer about this ??????

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  1. Ohh yeah i guess they did b4, more than that i think that we all are carriers of their DNA, i mean... they was here maybe millions of years ago and they came just to repair the human DNA that was turning kinda sick with some weird mutations, in fact, we are not originally from here, sorry but i just basing my self on evidences not in religion.


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